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Tai Chi
Cary, NC

Raise your level of health.

  • release stress
  • settle your nervous system
  • strengthen your immune system

Tai Chi and Qigong will produce physical health, release accumulated tension, tonify your central nervous system, and bring balance to your heart and mind.


Qigong and tai chi are for everyone.

Practitioners resolve to a healthier version of themselves through the practice of tai chi and qigong.

  • strengthen your nervous system
  • balance your mind with motion
  • lengthen and deepen your breath

Practitioners of qigong and tai chi interface with their nervous system through movement, focused awareness, and conscious intention to balance and strengthen their Breath, Physical Alignments, Motion, and Thought.


It's super simple...
you have to breathe.

Breathing will settle your nervous system, bring clarity and balance to your heart/mind and strengthen your immune system.

  • release tension, gain clarity
  • strengthen your immune system
  • dissipate stress related illnesses

Gentle transitions between 'Whole Body' breaths will strengthen, energize, heal the body, relieve stress and settle the nervous system.

Systems of the “heart and mind” that are tonified through the breath include: emotional stability, sound sleep, and the quieting of the "monkey mind".


Repattern your nervous system.

Mindful motion, focused intention.

  • heal and strengthen your body
  • strengthen the nervous system
  • dissipate stress related illnesses
  • physical balance, emotional balance

Qigong, also known as Chi Gung, is a powerful practice of intentional motion and focused conscious thought/intention that strengthens the central nervous system, balances the heart/mind, releases tension, and develops a healthy body.

Tai Chi

Graceful transitions generate health, balance and longevity.

Move better... feel better.

  • strengthen the immune system
  • improve balance and circulation
  • release stress and improve mental stamina

Practicing tai chi will soothe, heal and strengthen the entirety/whole of your being.

The purposeful movements of tai chi energize the body, calm the mind and soothe the nervous system.


We become what we practice.

Superior instruction with results.

Cary Tai Chi

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